Phase 1 – Web-Based

Phase one is a web-based training overview at your home or office. During this phase, you will go over the basics in booking, marketing, and invoicing all travel transactions.

Phase 2 – Web-Based Review

Phases two through five we will bring you out to our Corporate Headquarters in Fresno, CA for a four-day training to review what you learned during your web-based sessions, followed by the next three phases of in-person training.

Phase 3 – Product Platform

Phase three is product platform training. We will teach you how to market and sell each product platform that we offer. You’ll also learn the nuances of each product at this time and whom best to market these products to.

Phase 4 – Sales Process

During phase four, we will jump into the sales process with a step-by-step sales program on identifying your customers, approaching your customers, marketing the product to your customers, and then closing the sale.

Phase 5 – Preferred Suppliers

In phase five, we will spend time going over Preferred Supplier products and what they offer, followed by an overview on how to utilize their trainings and websites.

Phase 6 – Continued Education

Phase six will be a continued education course that can take place at home, your office, while traveling, or at the corporate office.