Integrity –

We are open, honest, direct, and trustworthy. We under promise and over deliver.

Commitment –

We are hardworking people with a high sense of urgency and low egos.

Communication –

We seek and provide timely, effective, and accurate communications.

Improvement –

We continually seek to identify and implement best practices. We strive for continual improvement within our brands, our company, our agents, and ourselves.

Collaboration –

We are supportive, energetic partners, good listeners, and problem solvers. We are good partners in good times and great partners in bad times.

Trust –

We trust each other and seek partnerships with people who we trust and who trust us in return. Pro Travel Network will operate under a core value system as part of our Critical Success Factors.

Recognition –

We recognize and reward exceptional performance.

Accountable –

We hold ourselves and our teams accountable for their results.

Transparency –

We seek transparency with our management teams, partners, clients, and within ourselves.

Responsibility –

We treat our agent’s clients as if they were our own.

Expectations –

We do not settle for “good enough.”

Since 2003 –

We are Pro Travel Network.