There’s nothing better than discovering new places and seeing the world. While some people choose to create their own itineraries and surf the internet for travel deals, others may seek the knowledge and expertise of a travel agent. At Pro Travel Network, we offer a training program that gives you the skills to become an independent travel agent. Learn the tricks of the trade and start your own home-based business that allows you to follow your passion. Find out more, and start your training at Pro Travel Network!

As an independent travel agent, your job is to help your clients plan and schedule their next vacation, honeymoon, cruise, and more! When you sell vacation packages, you will notice that some clients are easier to sell to than others. As we continue with part two of this series, we will provide you with a few more tips that will make the process of selling travel packages easier.

Highlight the Benefits

There will most likely be a number of other travel agencies in your area, and possibly even some that share the same specialties as you. Because your business runs mostly on commission, it’s easy to get caught up in competing with other companies. However, instead of competing, you can highlight what sets your business apart from others. For example, if you are a home-based travel agent, you can use being a smaller business to your advantage. Customers enjoy feeling like they are more than just a number, and as an independent travel agent, you have fewer clients, as well as the bandwidth to give each client all of your attention.

Make Yourself Available

In addition to selling travel packages, part of being a travel agent involves forming relationships with your clients. Those who feel like they are in good hands with you are more likely to use your services again or recommend you to someone else. One of the best ways to ensure that your relationship stays strong with your clients is to make yourself available at all hours of the day.

The last thing you want is for something to go wrong with your client’s trip and them not be able to reach you. Not only will this put a lot of stress on them and their vacation, but it will also reflect badly on your business. Before you start talking to clients, take the time to set up multiple means of communication, including a business phone, business email, and even a way to communicate with you after hours if it’s an emergency. You also want to make sure you are diligent at responding back to your customers and answering all of their questions.

Show Enthusiasm

It’s easy to get into the mindset of selling travel packages simply for the monetary benefit, but it’s important to remember that you’re also working with people who are coming to you to make their dream vacations come true. One of the best things you can do to help sell travel packages is to show enthusiasm about what your client is looking for. Your clients are excited about the possibility of exploring a new place or getting out of town for some much-needed relaxation. As the person planning their entire trip, it’s important that you act like their biggest cheerleader and encourage them with a smile.

Ready to Become an Independent Travel Agent?

If you have a passion for travel and for helping people discover their dream vacations, then Pro Travel Network is here to help. We offer a comprehensive training program that will give you everything you need to become an independent travel agent and start your very own home-based business. Browse our website to learn more about our program, and get started on the road to becoming an independent travel agent!

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