While the job of a travel agent largely falls on selling different travel packages and upgrades, there is also a part of the job that involves marketing your personal brand. If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of your personal brand and how to use it to your advantage as a travel agent, then you’re in luck! In this two-part series, we will give you a guide on personal branding so that you can take your business to the next level.

At Pro Travel Network, we can help you turn your passion into a career! We offer four independent travel agent programs that give you all of the tips, tricks, and skills you need to become a travel agent, whether you’re looking to make a little extra money on the side or completely change careers. If you are interested in learning more, then contact Pro Travel Network and begin your journey today!

What Is Personal Branding?

When you think of the word “brand,” you most likely think of your favorite clothing brands or food brands. A brand is essentially the reputation of a person or company. As a travel agent, you will need to make a name for yourself and for your business, which starts with your personal brand. What is a personal brand? A personal brand is a set of skills and characteristics that make up who you are — it is how you represent yourself to your clients. For example, if your clients to know that you are honest, reliable, and always looking out for their best interests, then you will need to make sure you follow through with those characteristics time and time again.

How to Create a Personal Brand

Build a Website

Creating a personal brand may be easier than you might think. In addition to following through on certain characteristics and traits, you will also have to market yourself just as would market a business. Start by creating a website so that new clients can find you easily. Luckily, if you work with Pro Travel Network, this part is already taken care of! Once you finish your independent travel agent training, you will receive a booking website where clients can easily schedule appointments and learn more about you and your business.

Define Your Core Values

There is a fine line between creating a personal brand and bragging about yourself and your accomplishments. For this reason, it’s a good idea to begin the process of creating your personal brand by defining your core values as they relate to your business. For example, you put faith as one of your core values in your personal life, but that may not necessarily be a core value that you want to promote with your business. Try to create a list of values that you can use to fuel your business while also making yourself more appealing to potential new clients.

Learn More at Pro Travel Network!

Being a travel agent is a rewarding and exciting career, and Pro Travel Network can help you get there! We offer four different independent travel agent programs, and you can choose which one best fits your needs and career goals. Give us a call to request a consultation about our programs, and keep an eye out for part two of this series!

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