There’s nothing better than going on an adventure with your best friend, and for some people, their best friend is their pet! Traveling with a pet has become quite popular recently, and as a travel agent, there is a good chance that some of your clients will want to experience their dream vacation with their favorite furry friend. In today’s post, we will discuss a few tips that will help you accommodate their needs so that your clients and their pets will have an amazing trip!

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Learn About Their Pet

When you first meet a client, it’s customary to take some time to learn more about them and what they want to get out of their trip. If you find out that your client plans to travel with their pet, then it’s a good idea to learn more about their furry traveling companion as well. As much as your client may love the idea of traveling with their pet, there are certain restrictions that may apply. For example, if your client wants to bring their dog, you will want to learn more about the dog’s breed, how old they are, and whether or not they have any medical conditions. If a dog is too old, they may not be able to make the trip. Additionally, some airlines and hotels ban certain breeds of dogs for the safety of their guests.

Check Pet Policies

Once you learn a little bit more about your client’s pet, the next step is to look into pet policies for any hotels, flights, or attractions they may be visiting. As mentioned above, some flights and hotels have restrictions for pets, which you will need to take into consideration when you make plans for your client. It’s also wise to inform them that while there is a good chance that you will be able to book them on a pet-friendly flight and find pet-friendly accommodations, it may come at a cost. Your client will need to be willing to pay a little bit more to accommodate their pet — otherwise, Fido may have to stay at home.

Arrange Documentation

Much like their human companions, pets will need documentation when they travel. While a pet’s documentation is certainly not as extensive as a human’s, it’s still a necessary part of the process. For example, anything can happen while your client is on vacation, so they will want to make sure that their pet has an ID tag and a microchip in the unlikely case that they get lost. Additionally, your client will need to check with the airline to find out what TSA will need in the way of documentation for flying.

Recommend Pet-Friendly Activities

While it’s your job as a travel agent to help your client plant their trip, book their flights, and arrange for their accommodations, it is also your job to make a good impression. You want to ensure that your client has an amazing time on their trip, and one way to do so is to recommend pet-friendly activities!

Your client will want to get out of the hotel or resort and sight-see or experience new things. However, this can be difficult if they can’t bring their pet. Before your client leaves for their trip, take some time to research pet-friendly activities and hotspots in the area. Recommending things that your client can do with their favorite furry friend will leave a great impression on your client and show how much you truly care about their experience.

Encourage Your Client to Conduct Research

It doesn’t take long to realize that there are a lot of logistics involved with traveling with a pet. Unfortunately, as a travel agent, there are only so many things you can do to ensure your client and their pet have a good time. You can’t go out and buy the airline-approved crate for their dog, and you can’t schedule an appointment with their vet to ensure the pet is safe to fly. For this reason, it’s a good idea to encourage your client to conduct their own research so that they have everything they need for their trip.

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